Studying Can’t Guarantee a Win

Even if you think you have the skills, knowledge, or experience, when it
comes to online gambling and sports
betting, it’s always a game
of chance.

Think You Can Predict a Win?

When gambling online, or placing bets on sports, you may think you can control the odds or the outcomes because of how well you know the game. It’s important to remember that every time you place a bet the outcome is completely random.

You may feel your expertise or knowledge of a certain sport or online game will ensure a win. This is the illusion of control, and the truth is, you can’t predict the unexpected.

All gambling activities have risks, even when you think you’re an expert. Gambling online and sports betting isn’t about skill – team knowledge and time spent playing won’t increase your chance of winning.

Gambling and sports betting online makes it easier to spend more time playing, convincing you that you’re an expert. Be aware that time spent, and knowledge gained won’t help you “beat the odds”. Gambling is always a game of chance.

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If You Gamble Online, Have a Plan.

Before you play or bet online:

  • Be self-aware.

    Think your bet is a sure thing? Don’t be so sure. All forms of gambling are games of chance with unpredictable results. When you play online, remember to stay aware of what you can control (like your budget) and what can’t control (like whether your team will win the coin toss).

  • Only wager what you can afford.

    It’s easy to get carried away when gambling online and betting on teams. Set a time and spend budget and stop when you reach those limits. Find out more about the science behind your gambling decisions here.

  • Limit or avoid alcohol, marijuana, and/or other substances.

    Gambling and sports betting online while intoxicated, or with a “buzz”, can lead you to make decisions you may not normally make when sober.

When you play or bet online:

  • Check for licensing.

    All licensed operators in Ontario must pass the RG Check accreditation – the most comprehensive RG accreditation in the world. To check if a site is licensed, click here.

  • Use the tools available.

    Learn about, and take advantage of, the tools that gambling and sports betting websites offer to help you stay within your set budget and to prevent yourself from losing track of time.

  • Keep it fun.

    If you’re not having fun, take a break. You can block sites you don’t want access to or set time limits using software like Bet Blocker and GamBan.

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Resources for Help

If you have concerns about your online gambling and sports betting, or if you are worried about someone close to you, free and confidential support is available.

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