Discovery Virtual Sessions

We are excited to announce the launch of a Discovery webinar series. Much like the annual conference this webinar series will bring to you the latest research, trends and best practices in responsible gambling and problem gambling prevention.

Formats will be designed to encourage discussions that leave you feeling inspired and ready to apply the learnings in your jurisdiction.

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Young People in the UK: Understanding the Risks of Lottery Participation and Impacts of COVID-19

Sponsored by: GREO

In the UK, 16-24 year-olds consistently have one of the highest rates of problem gambling among adults. Dr. Sasha Stark and Dr. Heather Wardle have recently conducted studies to examine the intricacies of gambling among this age group. Join them in this webinar as they share new insights on how lottery participation is related to gambling problems among young people in Great Britain, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the gambling behaviours and problems of young people in the UK.

February 11th, 10:00 am EST/3:00 pm GMT

Dr. Sasha Stark, Senior Researcher, Responsible Gambling Council

Sasha Stark is Senior Researcher at the Responsible Gambling Council. In this role, she conducts primary research initiatives as well as benchmarking, program and product design, and evaluation activities. Some of her recent projects focus on assessing the impacts of COVID-19 on online gambling behaviours and harm, re-envisioning youth gambling prevention, and exploring the implications of cannabis expansion.

Dr. Heather Wardle, Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Reader, University of Glasgow

Heather Wardle is a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Reader at the University of Glasgow. She is a specialist in gambling research and policy, currently working on youth gambling behaviours among young people, funded by Wellcome. She was Deputy Chair of the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling (2015-2020) and was Project Director of the British Gambling Prevalence Survey Series in 2010 and of the first study to combine the Scottish and Health Survey datasets in 2012. She has remained an author on all subsequent reports.