Finding Support

Spot the Signs of a Gambling Problem

Sometimes gambling can go from entertainment to habit and that can come with some negative consequences. If you’re concerned this is happening to you or your friend or family member, there are some warning signs you can look for. There could be an issue if someone …

  • Chooses gambling over spending time with friends or family
  • Neglects school or work because of gambling
  • Has few interests outside of gambling
  • Constantly thinks about gambling or about ways to get money to bet
  • Bets with money set aside for other things
  • Lies about the time or money spent gambling
  • Tries to go back and win the money lost gambling
  • Borrows money to bet with or pay off gambling debts

If any of these signs sound familiar, it might be time to talk about it. Here’s what you can do.

Are You Worried About Someone’s Gambling?

If you’re worried that someone you care about is gambling too often, there are lots of resources available to help them, and you.

This can be a tough issue to talk to them about. Not to worry. You can start by talking about it with a friend or even your doctor or your guidance counsellor at school. There are also other professionals and counsellors who can help you figure out what to say and do.

Here’s a link to access support near you.

After the Talk

So, you talked to your friend or family member about their gambling. First of all, pat yourself on the back. That wasn’t an easy thing to do, but you did it. It’s helpful to understand that having a gambling problem is difficult behaviour to change, so it might take some time. If you want to be supportive, here are some things you can do.

  • If you see that they’re taking positive steps towards change, you can tell them you see that they’re trying and that you’re proud of them.
  • Remember that it takes time, so be patient, and try not to pressure them to be better right away.
  • You can talk to your friend or family member about speaking to a counsellor. It could be helpful for you too!

Finding Help

Visit our help page, where you can:

Help For Problem Gambling

Feel like you might benefit from talking to someone? You have options.

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