RG Plus Case Studies

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RG Plus Case Studies

Whether it’s evaluating and strengthening programs, developing strategies or training frontline staff, we’ve helped clients around the world make the most of the responsible gambling investment

Camelot Group

  • Case Study: Customer support and training solutions for lottery retailers

    The Ask

    Camelot is the licensed operator of the UK’s National Lottery and is internationally recognized for selling lottery tickets responsibly. Camelot requested assistance understanding how National Lottery retailers could help players in need of support. Due to high staff turnover, brief customer interactions, potential language barriers and high-density retail environments, they needed response procedures that could be implemented simply and quickly.


    The Solution

    The RG Plus team collected data from operators, experts and retailers to better understand the particular issues they were experiencing. That data formed the development of a response framework that included information on common signs of excessive lottery play, guidance on appropriate response procedures, and tools to support the implementation of the framework. RG Plus and Camelot then piloted the excessive play response framework with lottery retailers. Results indicated improvements in feelings of preparedness and levels of comfort in responding to excessive lottery play. They also highlighted a need for responsible gambling training across all staff levels.

    RG Plus also supported the development and delivery of a tiered training program for several levels of staff to increase knowledge, awareness, and confidence in responding to customer needs. This approach helped to support Camelot’s long-term goal of developing a responsible gambling culture while demonstrating their commitment to responsible gambling.

The Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH Group)

  • Case Study: Making best-in-class responsible gambling programs even better

    The Ask

    Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH) approached RG Plus to provide third-party validation of their best-in-class responsible gambling program.


    The Solution

    An extensive and detailed review was conducted by RG Plus to benchmark ALH’s program against world-class standards, identifying program strengths and areas for improvement. The ALH team was keen to implement recommendations as soon as possible. They sought the RG Plus team’s assistance in evaluating their Responsible Gambling Ambassador Program, a review and analysis of their existing policies, and the development of a tiered training program.

    The RG Plus team also created a sustainability plan to support the rollout of a newly designed training program, including developing  training reinforcement tools. Ongoing training and evaluations to support ALH were performed to measure the impact of the new training program on staff and employee culture. Thanks to the team’s hard work, ALH has been able to make continuous improvements to its best-in-class responsible gambling program.

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