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Responsible Gambling

  • Driving Culture Change through Responsible Gambling Training

    New Horizons 2020
    March 12, 2020

    Janine Robinson, Director of CABP, RGC

    This workshop explored innovative solutions to fill knowledge gaps in the RG sector, and showcased the latest training strategies and communication tools for their implementation. It discussed how to begin a culture shift away from compliance-based programs and towards high value, impact-driven RG.

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  • Continuing our Responsibility in an Era of Mistrust

    2019 Clubs NSW Annual Conference; Clubs ACT
    November 1, 2019

    Janine Robinson, Director of CABP, RGC

    This session outlined characteristics of RG leaders, highlighting leading practices in RG internationally and exploring how first-rate RG programs can build trust and increase social licence to operate. It outlined opportunities for growth and innovation in RG, including enhanced training and reinforcement for staff, targeting appealing and positive RG messaging to a broad range of players, and creating a culture of RG.

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  • Cross Jurisdictional RG Benchmarking

    Co-presented with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation; International Think Tank on Gambling Research, Policy and Practice
    July, 2019

    Janine Robinson, Director of CABP, RGC

    As part of a cross jurisdictional comparison of RG in Ontario, Canada and Victoria, Australia, this presentation explored Ontario’s RG, highlighting collaborative and community-based prevention initiatives and OLG’s approach to RG across the province.

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  • A Needs Assessment of Responsible Gambling Manager Education

    Co-presented with Kahlil Philander; 17th International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking
    May 28, 2019

    Janine Robinson, Director of CABP, RGC

    RG training programs designed to help frontline employees recognize and respond to player warning signs are relatively common in the industry, but more extensive and specialized training for those who design and lead RG programs is needed. This session shared the results of a training needs assessment for RG managers, conducted to fill this gap in the field.

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  • Risk Mitigation Strategies for Lottery

    Discovery 2019
    May 8, 2019

    Sasha Stark PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    This presentation outlines the risks of lottery play and outlines mitigation strategies that address the needs of players, retailers, and operators. Recommendations focus on the importance of providing information, tailored training, organizational support, and evaluation.

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  • A Framework for VLT Safeguards in Canadian Hospitality Settings

    Feb 14, 2019

    Responsible Gambling Council

    In the past two decades, there has been a considerable increase in our understanding of responsible gambling policies, strategies and safeguards for players in different gambling settings. The preponderance of the ‘best practices’ research and analysis however, has been focused on gambling venues like casinos and, more recently, online gambling. Responsible gambling programs and player supports in hospitality establishments such as bars, lounges and restaurants have received less attention.

    This report is intended to be one contribution towards closing that gap.

    The report provides an up-to-date picture of VLT gambling as well as the RG policies, player safeguards, and resources currently in place across Canada, and offers a series of recommendations which constitute a framework of best practice safeguards specific to VLT play in hospitality settings.

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  • Responsible Gambling Best Practices for Player Incentives: Land-Based Venues

    Mar 5, 2015

    Responsible Gambling Council

    This project focuses on player incentives at land-based venues and gathers information from Canadian and international jurisdictions. Literature and policy reviews, a focus group, and a two-day forum are all used to obtain data.

    On balance, player loyalty programs—as long as they are not seen exclusively as a marketing tool – have some potential benefits from a player protection perspective. That assumes that loyalty programs and other incentives actively build in tools and analytics that enable increased player information and safeguards. The report outlines best practices in the following areas:

    1. Promoting informed decision-making
    2. Ensuring marketing incorporates an RG perspective
    3. Optimizing RG in the earning and redemption of rewards
    4. Supporting at-risk players

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Gambling Problems & Harm

  • Best Practices for Self-Exclusion Reinstatement and Renewal

    Mar 31, 2016

    Responsible Gambling Council

    This research project investigates and identifies best practices for self-exclusion reinstatement and renewal. Specific objectives are threefold:

    • Compile an inventory of reinstatement and renewal options applicable to both land-based and online gaming environments
    • Provide an assessment of pros and cons related to various reinstatement and renewal options
    • Synthesize the best available evidence and knowledge on promising reinstatement and renewal options

    The findings of this report favour an active reinstatement process that offers two streams based on the presence or absence of risk warning signs at the end of a self-exclusion term. Following the completion of a self-exclusion term, an operator assesses markers that may represent risks of future problems. The risk assessment process then takes into account such things as history of multiple breaches, as well as their risk signs including family concerns, records of unstable or threatening behaviour and other red flag indicators.

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Online Gambling & Sports Betting

  • Public Health Implications of Online Sports Betting in Canada

    Public Health Policy Rounds, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
    September 2019

    Alex Price PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    This presentation provided an overview of sports betting world-wide and examined evidence of key risk factors, such as youth and young adulthood, marketing and advertising, betting features, cultural influence of sport, and substance use. The presentation closes with implications for sports betting legalization in Canada and policy options

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Youth & Young Adults

  • Developing and Testing Messaging about Cannabis and Gambling for Young People

    20th Annual National Center for Responsible Gaming Conference on Gambling and Addiction
    October 13, 2019

    Sasha Stark PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    This poster reviews a scoping exercise to identify the needs for education and awareness messaging about gambling and cannabis among adolescents and young adults in Ontario. Results suggested that information on the links between gambling and cannabis, the risk associated with gambling following cannabis use, and strategies to reduce risk would be useful for young people. One social media message about the links between excessive gambling and cannabis use was pilot tested successfully among adolescents.

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  • Knowledge Translation Strategy for Coming of Age Youth in Greater Sudbury

    New Critical Directions in Gambling Studies Conference
    September 3, 2019

    Sasha Stark PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    This poster outlines the results of a focus group and in-depth interviews conducted with 19 and 20 year olds who live in Sudbury, a large municipality in northern Ontario with a diverse youth population and that is undergoing gambling expansion. Results showed that coming of age youth could benefit from knowing more about gambling risks, ways to limit risk, and sources of support, and the best ways to share this information are online, on campus, and where they gamble.

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  • Sharpening Our Approach to Youth Gambling Prevention

    17th International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking
    May 28, 2019

    Sasha Stark PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    This presentation outlines ways to improve approaches for youth gambling prevention, including building new partnerships, targeting high-risk subgroups, including other behaviours and/or substances, and finding new ways to reach and engage youth.

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  • Understanding and Reducing Harms among Young Adults in Ontario

    7th Annual Momentum Research Realized Conference
    May 14, 2019

    Sasha Stark PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    This presentation provides a general overview of the increased risk of gambling harm among young adults, existing youth prevention programs in the province, and recent RGC initiatives focused on coming-of-age young adults and cannabis use.

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